Crew BOS' Lifeline

Crew BOS' niche product lines can be divided into four divisions: fashion bags and wallets division, belts and footwear division, home goods division and watch strap division.

Fashion Bags & Wallets Division:

The Fashion Bag division is the largest division with several manufacturing facilities. This division manufactures fashion bags for both women and men. The different facilities have specialised machineries and capabilities servicing the varied needs of buyers, right from embroidered bags, embellished mixed media bags to leather bags, they are all produced in these divisions.

A variety of materials, both natural and man-made, are used to product these products. The Fashion bag and small leather goods is further sub divided into leather and non- leather goods. Mixed media, which is the merging of various materials and techniques, helps bring about a truly extra-ordinary product. The key here is “Value Addition”. These ranges extend from wallets, hand bags, business cases, all the way to travel luggage. Download Presentation

Belt & Footwear Division:

The Belt division has one of the most Modern manufacturing plants. Completely mechanised, the facility uses both traditional and modern techniques to produce high fashion belts as well as basic belts. The usage of traditional methods, such as hand stitching, hand padding, hand moulding, along with usage of sophisticated machinery on it's belts, make this division perhaps the most varied in its techniques, and one of it's kind, globally.

The fashion footwear division, which commenced its manufacturing operations during 2003-04, has grown substantially. It produces a varied range of open footwear and keeps pace with the fast changing fashion trends. Download Presentation

Home Goods Division:

What sets the Home Goods Division apart is that it has traditional artisans producing some of the most modern home products. This division excels in lighting, furniture, home decorative items, and gifts. Each product is “Hand Crafted” and still promises uniformity. Download Presentation

Watch Strap Division:

The youngest division is the watch straps division. Crew BOS, has incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary to market this new product. The company is exploring new relationships on this front with leading watch manufacturers.


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